The CTM Wax Injection Machine is designed to produce high quality wax patterns. This 4-post press style can be built to any size from 15 to 100 tons with die working area of 14 to 40 inches. (larger sizes available upon request)
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This machine needs melted wax to be poured into the tank. Our Wax Melters do this automatically.
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The CTM-WI has full safety features; including two button anti-tie down activation, emergency stop buttons, and redundant temperature control circuits.

Technical Features

Pre-programmed p.l.c. (Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500)

In-Line Injection System
This feature allows the wax to be injected in a straight line from
the injection chamber through our unique nozzle design and into
the die. This modular straight line injection insures smooth
laminar flow that prevents turbulence

Electronic Injection Control
Our EIC offers exceptional pressure and flow control by
utilizing closed loop control circuits.

Easy-to-use operator interface

Electrical: 460 VAC 3Ø 60Hz

No air supply required

High quality seal material (reduced leakage)


Machines will carry a full 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship.
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