ATMM 316-324

The Automatic Tube Maker Machine is designed to produce high quality cylindrical tubes. From an uncoiler (not supplied), the coiled sheet metal is guided into the machine. First, rivet holes are punched in the material. Then, a shear cuts the material to make a rectangular blank. Finally, the blank is rolled and optionally crimped into a tube. The tube produced by this machine is ready to be riveted and then manufactured into an elbow by our Elbow Machines . Only one operator is required.

The Tube Maker Machine is available in 2 sizes . The ATMM 316 model will produce tubes ranging from 3" to 16" in diameter. The ATMM 324 will produce tubes ranging from 3" to 24" in diameter. These machines can also produce collars and rectangular blanks in a variety of sizes. They are equipped with a full set of tooling to produce their respective sizes. Size changes take about 30 minutes to complete.

A Stamping Unit can be added to this machine, which can stamp a company logo and size marking on each tube.


Tube Maker machines have full safety features; including warning labels, emergency stop buttons, yellow panel guards, and a yellow wire mesh safety frame.


The speed of the machine depends upon the size of the tube being made. In the table below, the first number is the Diameter of the Tube and the second number is the amount of Tubes per Hour that the machine can produce.

3" - 2200

4" - 2050

5" - 1850

6" - 1800

7" - 1700

8" - 1600

9" - 1500
10" - 1400

12" - 1250

14" - 1000

16" - 800

18" - 750

20" - 700

22" - 600

24" - 550

Technical Features

pre-programmed p.l.c. (Mitsubishi FX1N)

pre-loaded job recipes for all sizes

auto-tuning servo feeder improves


easy-to-use operator interface

(Mitsubishi E300)

electrical: 240 VAC 3Ø

no air supply required

hardened and heat-treated tooling


Machines will carry a full 1 year warranty on all materials and workmanship. More information here.

Recommended Material

0.010" - 0.024" thick galvanized sheet


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